The Benefits Of Using Dexion Shelving

There are many benefits of using Dexion shelving. Dexion shelving is very versatile and can be used for a number of different purposes. Dexion shelving can often be used for a purpose for which it was not originally intended. This makes it a multipurpose equipment. It is a good fit in any home and shop. It is used both domestically and commercially. It can be argued that Dexion shelves use up less space and are firmer than regular wooden shelves. They cost more to begin with but the price is worth it. Dexion shelving has a long life and is usually installed with a lifetime warranty. This encourages people to install Dexion shelving instead of regular wooden shelves. Dexion shelves of the same size as wooden shelves can bear up to six to seven times the weight that the latter can. This incredible weight bearing capacity coupled with an unmatched durability is what makes Dexion shelving an excellent choice. 

For great storage racks spaces in homes:

Dexion shelving is most often seen in commercial settings. It is often used in stores and other such places for storing foods and items. It can bear a lot of weight. Heavy boxes can be stored in Dexion shelves without worrying. A two by ten Dexion shelf can be secured using half a dozen bolts. The bolts are often one to three inches long and three to four centimeters wide. They provide enough strength to the Dexion shelves to withstand a lot of weight. They are bored into the wall to hold the frame of the Dexion shelves in place. The angular frame of Dexion shelves is fixed to the walls using metal bolts. 

For use as exhibition stands:

Dexion shelves are often used as exhibition stands. Exhibition stands are often placed outdoors. Dexion shelving is ideal for outdoor usage. The shelves themselves are made of high grade steel. The steel used in Dexion shelving Melbourne is industrial grade and can be used for many different things. It is resistant to moisture and is further coated with paint to make it rustproof. Acrylic paint is often used on stainless steel Dexion shelves.

For retail purposes:

Retails outlets have recently switched to using Dexion shelving. They have saved a lot of cost in the process. Dexion shelving is ideal for retail outlets because of its durability and endurance. Dexion shelves can bear a lot of weight. They also appear elegant. Their endurance capacity is unrivaled and they provide excellent value for money. Different retail stores have Dexion shelves installed for storing their items. They can also be used for display purposes. The goods are stacked in rows in Dexion shelves and labels are pasted nearby. Dexion shelving has replaced traditional shelving in most retail stores.