How To Keep The Kitchen Tiles Clean

One of the most visited spaces in the homes is the kitchen. It is a place from where the family gets all the tastes and even gets time to enjoy the lighter moments. With this vigorous usage, it becomes necessary after some time to do thorough cleaning. The tiles get the dirt, mud, spills, stains and much more. They come from both outsides and from the inside. If these signs of usage are not cleared from the kitchen after every some time they become stubborn to distort the appearance of the kitchen. If the tiles are not cleaned properly then they would definitely lose the ambience and the glamour that is the essential characteristic of the tiles. Cleaning the kitchen is as simple as the rest of the features associated with the tiling. There is no need to get additional pieces of equipment, cleaners and related accessories. The cleaning can be managed with the help of all that you already have in the pantry. If your right kitchen tiles are getting shabby and unimpressive then follow the below stated steps to give a new improved look to the tiles:

  1. The daily cleaning

For the perfectly clean kitchen, it is a must to ensure regular cleaning. Once you are done with all the chores don’t close the kitchen doors before cleaning away all the mess. Use the mop first to lose the dirt spread on the floor. In case of the stubborn stains pour hot water over the surface. If possible keep cleaning the regular spills whenever they are around. The unclean tiles not just make the kitchen look untidy but they become home to several germs too. Regular cleaning can ensure healthy kitchen set up. Daily cleaning can ease the regular hassle. 


  • Vacuuming the tiles


Besides regular vacuuming do vacuum the tiles thoroughly leaving behind no corner left once in a week. The loose dirt can be cleaned with a regular broom. This is tiring but can be eased if vacuums are used. It ensures thorough cleaning in the least expected time. The most significant target area is the grout where the loose dirt accumulates and causes problems. This is where the vacuuming can do real wonders. It is now easy to accomplish the cleaning task with the handy and compact vacuums that can reach anywhere even in the narrowest spaces. 


  • Target the most stubborn first


The first thing that you will come across in the kitchen is nothing else but the stubborn stains. They would always catch the attention first. Hence, before taking care of the rest of the kitchen address to these stains first. It would save time for the further cleaning on one hand and would help to see the other little ones clearly too as they would not hide them. There are a number of easy to buy and economical cleaning agents that are specifically meant for the tiles. Add them to water or apply directly as directed and see the magic happening. Even the roughest and the toughest would not stay on the tilings for long. 


  • Don’t ignore the grout


The joints between the encaustic floor tiles are referred to as grout. They can become a huge challenge as the dirt can get stuck in between these spaces. No matter how good the mop is, it is not possible to clear the spaces completely. If not daily, then a weekly or maximum a monthly cleaning of the grout all through the kitchen is a must thing in the kitchen cleaning. If you want to let it happen in a natural way then instead of chemicals try the combo of baking soda and water. Create a thick paste and smear it all through the grouts with the help of the toothbrush. Let it stay there and then clean it properly. If the stains and dirt are too stubborn you might need to repeat the same. 


  • Mopping, the final step


The ultimate cleaning of the tiles is possible with the mop. It is better to buy the all-purpose cleaning agent for the tiles. Mop thoroughly to ensure a dry and no-slip tiled floor. If even some water is left on the flooring, there are chances that you might fall down.